Why is Nigeria the most populous country in Africa?

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(Nigeria Population) There were about 180 million people in Nigeria in 2012, but in about 25 years that is expected to rise to 300 million people according to the UN – that’s the current population of America fitting roughly into an area double the size of California!

“A country where there is so much beating and no body is crying – why would it not be popular – they are beating you and you are not crying!” says one man with a laugh.

(Nigeria Population) Why is Nigeria the most populous country in Africa? Watch here:

Nigeria is in the top five most populous countries – after China, India, the US and Pakistan – but the problem is one of resources and jobs for Nigeria’s explosion of young people desperate for opportunities.

“It is a matter of some regret tht Nigeris is the most populous country – to have so many people is not altoghter a blessing,” says one older man.

The reasons for the large Nigeria population are many but include lack of education on birth control and family planning, as well as a cultural tradition of having many children

“It is probably a lack of birth control – it’s not there” says one man. “We are still iving in the past where people deliver up to six children – a battalion!”

“Another key factor is literacy – people just born, born , born!” suggests a young man in Oshodi.

At current projections, Nigeria population will hit nearly 1 billion people by 2100 – the concern is what the Nigeria government is doing to ensure everyone is accommodated for…

source: http://esa.un.org/unpd/wpp/JS-Charts/pop-tot_0.htm


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The automobile sector of a country plays a very vital role in attaining desired economic growth and development. Likewise, the automobile industry of Nigeria is significant in country’s progress. The country is one of the biggest car buyers in Africa. This can be accounted for the growth of various sectors in the country. Vehicle sales in the country is increasing at fast pace with dealers expecting the digits to reach double-digit growth in comparison to the past year.

The country’s automobile industry is growing rapidly and poses a huge potential for growth. Nigeria was the 5th largest car market in Africa in 2013 – behind South Africa, Algeria, Egypt and Morocco. There is a huge demand for vehicles in the country, with one vehicle for every 12 citizens in the country. Nigerian government spent a lot on the importation of new and used vehicles in the country. For instance, in 2013, Nigeria alone spends around $ 5.2 billion on the importation of vehicles, mainly used vehicles from Asia, Canada and Europe. Around 64% of vehicles imported were used ones. With the increase in middle class population of the country, the automobile industry is booming.

Nigeria, located in west Africa allows importation of used cars that should not be more than 8 years old from the date of first registration. The country allows the importation of left-hand drive vehicles. The major shipping ports in Nigeria for Japanese used vehicles are Apapa and Lagos. Generally, RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) shipping method is used for vehicle shipment. However, on request of customers, more expensive yet fast and safe shipping method, i.e. Container Method is used for vehicle shipment.

Almost all cars in the country are imported. Around 150,000 used and 50,000 new vehicles in Nigeria are imported yearly for the 160 million-person every year. Toyota, accounts for the maximum import in the country, although other makers such as Honda, Mercedes, Ford, GM are also making their ways in Nigeria. The quality of Japanese used vehicles imported into the country, attract more people to buy these vehicles. One gets a reliable, durable and good vehicle at cost price almost half of that of new ones. Even the duties on used vehicles are less in comparison to new ones.

Taxes and Duties:-

Custom Duties applicable on the vehicles:-

Cars :- 30%

Buses :- 15%

Trucks :- 30%

CKD (Complete Knocked Down vehicles) :- 5%

Taxes applicable on the import of used cars are as below:-

CISS (Comprehensive Import Supervision Scheme) :- 1%

NAC (National Automotive Council) :- 2%

VAT (Value Added Tax) :- 5%

ETLS (Ecowas Trade Liberalization Scheme) :- 0.5%

Sub Charge and Duty Payable

With time, the trend of buying Japanese used vehicles has increased. The reason for this is their superior quality and performance. Nigeria is a significant market. There is a huge demand for used cars in Nigeria, while the competition in car manufacturing industry is negligible, leaving sufficient room for the import car market. Mainly for used ones as buying a new one is not within everyone’s financial reach.

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