Elvira Salleras & Associates was established in 1997 by Elvira Nnamuzienwa Salleras, nee Joe-Adigwe with the unwavering support of Bernadette Ojo, the current administrative manager. Leveraging on technical expertise, relevant experience, passion, sound ethical values and a relentless commitment to service, the firm has since grown to accomodate a wide portfolio of clients.


Elvira Salleras & Associates is a leading law firm, with a team of experienced, dynamic lawyers and paralegals committed to the highest ethical and professional standards. The firm is determined to be and remain a global leader in commercial law practice.

Through our cutting-edge professional approach to legal advisory services underscored by a relentless application of the principles of emotional intelligence, we are determined to ensure that our clients achieve and surpass their goals.

We are passionate about the work we do and always seek to create superior value for our clients by thinking divergently and questioning the status quo.


Recognising that our greatest asset is people: clients, contractors, externs, interns, colleagues, the general public and us;

Appreciating that our ultimate corporate objective is to satisfy our people; and

Committed to applying the highest ethical standards and utmost professionalism underlined by emotional intelligence towards achieving our objectives and surpassing them,

Elvira Salleras & Associates, is determined to be and remain a global sector leader.

This is our charter. This is our RACE.

Value Proposition

At Elvira Salleras & Associates, we hold these values to be self-evident:

We realize the need to be nimble and adapt to diverse circumstances in order to optimally serve our clients and deliver credible solutions. We achieve this by an in-depth understanding of clients’ needs, the complexity of the business environment and the urgency of the situation.

At the heart of our corporate culture is pure passion to provide our clients with expert legal advice and facilitate their success irrespective of external complexities. Our lawyers have learnt to shift the paradigm and share our clients’ passions through the entire spectrum of their corporate or individual aspirations.

At ES&A we push ourselves to question the status-quo and deliberately seek to deepen our understanding of our client’s needs against the backdrop of external factors capable of impacting on their position. This results in new areas of possibilities in legal advice, better working processes and systems as well as refined strategies that create real competitive advantage.

At the core of our corporate existence lies one of our greatest and most natural strengths – “Empathy”. Moved by our passion to see our clients succeed and compelled by our discipline for excellent client care, we see a need to know what our clients know and feel what they feel. This helps us better understand their needs and design winning solutions to address their cases.

Our empathy is also fueled by a humbling sense of social responsibility as we devote considerable time and resources to groom budding entrepreneurs, giving them valuable business advice, ensuring that these young start-ups overcome the generic teething problems that may hinder them from growing into formidable business enterprises.

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