Yeah many of you must have probably been looking for this information or had wished at one point or the other that this was possible for those of you who are not aware of this service.

But now you know and here it is on how to transfer credit on Airtel Nigeria network. This service is known as me2u and here is how it works;

First and foremost, you need to change the default PIN for this service which is 1234 and that is if you have not done so already.

To change your default PIN, send a text message in this format to the service number 432;

PIN [space] old PIN [space] new PIN [space]

And then send to 432

Where PIN above is what you should type first in the text message

Old PIN represents the default PIN 1234

New PIN represents the new PIN number you wish to use for this service.

For example, to change the default PIN 1234, send a text message to 432 like this;

PIN 1234 4321

Where 1234 is the default PIN and 4321 is the new PIN.

An sms notification will be sent to you that will read as follows;

Your new PIN is 4321

So let’s now transfer airtime balance/credit to another Airtel line.

Let’s say you wish to transfer a #50 worth of credit /airtime to a friend or family member, all you need to do is to compose a text message in this format;

2u [space] 080… [Space] 50 [space] 1234

And send to 432

Where 2u is the sending code

Space above means you have to give space

080… represents the phone no of the recipient and remember that it has to be an eleven digit Airtel gsm phone number.

50 above means the amount you want to send which can as well be any amount say 1oo 200 etc

And lastly 1234 above represents your secret PIN number for using this service.


So let’s say you wish to send a #50 worth of airtime to another Airtel line say for example 08021234567, all you need to do is end a text message in this format;

2u 08021234567 50 1234

And send to the service number 432

You will get an sms notification from Airtel service number 432 saying something like this;

“You have just sent #50 to 08021234567”


And that’s it on how to transfer airtime balance /credit on Airtel Nigeria Network. Some rules apply though for this service which are;

1. You only do airtime transfers five times per day

2. You cannot transfer more than #5,000 worth of credit

3. You will be charged #10 for the transfer service each time you transfer credit


Ok we are done with this information. If you have any question, feel free to ask or if you wish to comment on this information or on your experience using this service, you are free to do so.