Yes a few weeks back, Mtn Nigeria came up with this new promo service known as the Mtn double your recharge promo where you get double or twice what you recharge as airtime each time you recharge with a recharge card voucher or pin.

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Here is how it works ;all you have to do each time you recharge is dial the following recharge code;

Dial *885*PIN#

Where PIN above is the recharge code or PIN number.

Bear in mind that you only get this bonus airtime if you recharge between 00:30am to11:59pm from Monday to Sunday and that this airtime bonus expires by 11:59pm which is almost midnight the day you recharge.

Which leads me to ask this question, pardon me though, why except people who recharge between 00.00am to 00:29am? Why Mtn?Or does it mean that the witches or ghost who might be recharging by that time won’t be needing bonus credit. Oh sorry-I never meant to call them that, but for the way Mtn treated them. I was just trying to read their mind for excluding them. I mean like there should have been no excluded time frame. It should have been a 24 hour thing. Why minus the 30 minutes early morning/midnight time? Anyway they know best only that they don’t explain to us.

Well to check your bonus credit or data balance which is the topic of this post, dial the following;

Dial *559#

So that’s it on how to check your credit or data balance on the new Mtn get double your recharge promo.

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