Barren Women – Nigerian Nollywood Movies

Watch free Nigerian Nollywood Movies, Ghallywood movies in English and Yoruba. This a latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie 2013. Four women with their different a…

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  1. Pound my baby? Hellllll NO! Abomination! Had to fast forward that part,
    too gruesome, and too touching to watch. 

  2. The producer is nasty the are many ways to to show audience the child was
    given for rituals but pounding the baby is nasty poor directing

  3. haba oga director who is your costume (damager), opps i meant
    manager…seriously did you as a director watch this flick before it was
    released ? haba this is not fair!!!!!!!

  4. Onyii alex my gal, u r 2 4unny!!! wen dem tell her say dat kind tin dey
    knock engine,she go look down to her p***y dey ask say babe, na 2day u
    begin do am lol! i luv everytin abt her D.I.E…@0:40 Dat mother inlaw dey
    worry oo, lemme hear sound 4rm dat room dis night oo! lemme hear sound
    ooo!!! mother inlaw,pliz go & join they to make d sound oooooo lol..Good 1
    insideibaka u guys r tried a lot…

  5. Why can’t naija girls these days dress classy and descent in movies. they
    just pollute young peeps in society (prostitution as acting) smh. Feel bad
    for our generation. 

  6. 1. what is the name of the song at 4.52 2. the story does not fit the
    description, i did not see any safe houses with pregnant women, or any fake
    pregnant women waiting for stolen new born babies. Apart from that it is an
    ok movie.

  7. i am trying to save these movies to watch for my break…. but you don’t
    even got

    the parts in the ABOUT secciion!!…

    please to put what comes first… second ..etc there …..

    so i don’t waste my lunch time and breaks trying to figure it out!….


    be blessed