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Oil resources are rich in Nigeria. That’s what petroleum industry is at peak in Nigeria. There are miles of long stretched exotic beaches, the beautiful Niger River, national parks, tropic forests and other destinations in the country. This amazing richness of the country attracts travellers to take nigeria flights.
Nigeria is one of the oldest countries in the world and the oldest country in Africa that dates back its origin to at least 9000 BC. There are lots of ethnic groups settled in Nigeria. The country has a unique blend of diversity, languages, religions, locations and topography. It gives Nigeria more of a vibrant and colourful look. The art and craft of the country has developed over the years. There has been a greater development and enhancement in the local art and craft by the different ethnic tribal groups in Nigeria. For instance, Nigerian handicrafts are very famous in the whole world because of intricacy and marvelous designs. The country is known for its traditional way of life, local customs, social laws and rituals. So if you are keen about Nigeria tourism and culture, you can get nigeria cheap flights deal today.
There are many sought after destinations in Nigeria. You must have heard about famous national parks in Nigeria. They are a vital part of Nigerian tourism industry today. One of the most important components of these national parks in Nigeria is wildlife. The Nigerian government is responsible for the preservation, upholding and maintenance of these wildlife reserves in the country. Nigeria is known for its dense forests and wildlife reserves which attract thousands of backpackers and families from all around the world. The country has five famous parks for holidaymakers, families and children. The Gasha-Gumti is one of the largest national parks in Nigeria, since it is spread over 6000 square kilometres. The Kainji National Park has two animal reserves and one lake. There are three more parks in the country, involving The Cross River, Yankari, and Oban hills parks. To visit these beautiful parks, take flights to nigeria ASAP.
There are many exotic beaches in Nigeria which attract travellers and their family as well as children. Nigeria has many beach hotels, resorts and restaurants for attracting tourists. The Coconut Beach in Badagry Town is one of the most famous beaches in the country. Some other renowned beaches in the country are Central Beach of Victoria Island, the Calabar Beach and so on. Accommodation is not very expensive there, since several luxury hotels in Nigeria are offering cheap lodging for tourists.

Finally, there is a critical role of nurses in Nigerian economy, since plenty of Nigerian nurses are working in UK. Nowadays several major airlines from UK are offeringcheap flights for nurses & students to nigeria.

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