How to add family and friends on Airtel?

Airtel offers a product in which you can put all your loved ones together in a list to enjoy a discount anytime you call them.It is called Family And Friends.
Airtel Family And Friends is a tariff service available for all Airtel registered numbers. Airtel created this tariff plan in order to help subscribers get closer to their loved ones to enjoy a discount on calls to them when they are registered to Airtel Family And Friends.This service is perfect for all Airtel prepaid clients. 

How Does This Service Works

In this tariff plan,you have an opportunity to register and remove any 5 Airtel numbers of your loved ones which you calls often. Simply register the 5 numbers of your loved ones to enjoy the discount whenever you call them. Note that the registration is free for the first 5 number only.

How To Register

To Register;
Dial *141*2*Phone Number# e.g *141*2*08023469641#,the number is registered once you have dialed it.

To Remove or Delete Numbers From Family And Friends.

To remove or delete any number from Family And Friends list.

Just  Dial *141*3*Phone Number# e.g *141*3*0802346964#,once you dialed the number it will successfully be removed.

To View The Family And Friends Registered Numbers 

Dial *141*5#

 Call Rates For Family And Friends List.

1. Between 6.00am and 9.45pm during Peak Periods,calls are charged at the rate of 25k per seconds.

2. Between 10.00pm and 5.59pm during Off Peak Periods,calls are charged at the rate of 21k per seconds.

For further inquiry on Airtel service,please contact the Airtel customer care service on 111.The call is free only on Airtel subscribers or you may visit any Airtel office closer to you.